Do You Prefer Your Custom Lifted Jeep With or Without Doors and the Roof?

Did you know that you can remove the doors and the roof from your custom lifted Jeep? Part of the fun of owning a Jeep is being able to put the top down, or remove it if it is a hardtop, and enjoy the fresh air when driving on or off-road.

Another great thing Jeep owners enjoy doing is removing the doors from their Jeeps. The doors are easy to remove and only require taking out a few bolts from each door. If you have an extended Jeep, you can remove the doors from the front and back seats or just the front seat.

However, if it is worth mentioning, if your side-view mirrors are attached to the doors, you must take those off the doors and reattach them to the frame of the Jeep. Most states require you to have side-view mirrors as part of their motor laws when driving on-road.

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The Benefits of Removing the Doors and Roof

Have you ever noticed other motorists looking at you with envy because you own a Jeep and have more freedom and flexibility with your vehicle? One of the benefits of removing the doors and roof from your Jeep is to remove the barriers between you and the outdoors.

If you like off-roading, driving on the beach, or other such areas, then you don’t want your views blocked by the doors and the roof. Even when you are driving around town, you will enjoy all that fresh air and freeness you experience because you took off the doors and the roof.

What if I’m Not Comfortable Removing the Doors?

Driving around without the doors on your Jeep does take some getting used to. To help you get used to driving without doors, there are a few options that can still give you that sense of openness and airiness.

  • Half Doors – Some Jeep models come with half doors where the “window” part is removable. This style of door is typically found on soft-top models. You can also order half doors without the removable “window” as an aftermarket upgrade for your Jeep. The half door is just the bottom half of the door without the window so the upper part is open.
  • Tubular Doors – Tubular doors are popular door styles that have metal tubes making up the “frames” of the doors to provide open barriers. There are all different types of tubular doors that range from basic to customized options with mesh screens, storage bags, and more.

What Are Some Benefits of Half and Tubular Doors?

One great benefit of installing half or tubular doors is they have an area on them for reinstalling the side view mirrors you took off your regular doors. This makes it a lot easier to move the mirrors from one door to another. Another benefit of tubular doors is they meet vehicle door requirements for states that require motor vehicles to have doors on them when driving on road.

What if I Have a Hardtop?

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The hardtop on your Jeep is removable. Yet, leaving it off is not something that all Jeep owners want to do. A great solution is to invest in a soft top that you can put on your Jeep in the spring to make removing it faster and easier while storing your hardtop until the fall.

Some soft top models have “flip-up” sections where you can quickly open the top above the front and back seats, without having to fully put it down when you want some fresh air for a short trip to or from work or while running errands.

Deciding whether you want to drive your Jeep without doors and the roof or with doors and the roof comes down to your personal preferences. Personally, we like driving our Jeeps without tops and doors when off-roading and in the spring and summer.

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